New Product Launch - Cyclone 2

DATE: 2013-05-06

GeIL announce the release of the latest memory cooling LED fan – Cyclone 2, with improved heat dissipation housing and fin design in Hot-rod red finish fashioned with eye-dazzling LED lighting effect, Cyclone 2 is the new most desirable gadget for all PC enthusiasts. 
Optimized Cooling Technology
Designed with airflow and heat dissipation in mind, the aluminum fan bracket of the Cyclone II is equipped with high performance cooling fin from underneath the fan extending to both sides of the fan, together with maximized air ducts on the bottom of the aluminum bracket providing superior cooling performance for the memory modules.
Slick Styling
The Cyclone 2 Memory Cooling System features red & blue LED cooling fan with hot-rod red aluminum bracket, contrasting with the silver cooling fin for enhanced slick styling.
Universal Kit Design
The Cyclone 2 comes with a height-adjustable clip design to fit memory module heat sink of all sizes! From the tall and buffed up EVO Veloce and slim and sleek EVO Leggera.