AMA with Mouz Dota2 Team - Exclusive

DATE: 2013-04-19

(April 19, Germany) GeIL sponsored Mousesports Dota2 team is heading to Katowice, Poland for ESL Major Series ONE Finals this weekend. GeIL and Mouz held an AMA-Ask Me Anything with Mouz Dota2 fans, and got all questions answered after they owned yesterdays' game with Team Empire. Go fighting, Mouz!!

Why is mousesports always playing farm strategies instead of more aggressive push strategies?
mouz qojqva: „Farm strategies are much more easier to execute and there is less room for big mistakes, for example if one lane gets ganked you almost always get a tower or a counter-gank on another lane.
Why are some heroes better for mid lane and some better for bottom/upper lane?
mouz Black^: Offlane heroes are mostly heroes that don't need a lot of farm to have a big impact like Clock for example, middle lane heroes are usually heroes that have good ganking potential and need some farm to be very efficient.
How is FATA's current state of fitness after his wrist injury?
mouz qojqva: Fata's injury didn't cause any problems the last days, even after a rather long scrim session he didn't complain about his wrist causing problems. So he’ll be fine I guess.
In your first match you will face Alliance, the reigning DreamHack Champions. How would you rate your chances against them? Are you feeling comfortable, do you maybe even have some special tactics prepared especially for them?
mouz Black^: Our chances to win against them aren't too bad, because in the past we've often had close games with them. We definitely feel like we can take the game and concerning the last question, I can‘t really tell you about our secrets, because than they are not secret anymore. ;)
One could think you are a very strong unit as a team, as you've remained competitive even after trading your team captain KuroKy to NaVi. What's the secret of the team to get such a strong chemistry as you have?
mouz Black^: We don't blame each other in the game and usually tell each other what went wrong after the game is played. Obviously losing kuro was a big blow but we've recovered quite nicely.
mouz FATA-: In my opinion it's important to make sure that you enjoy playing with your team and to build a friendship with each member. After achieving that, it becomes significantly easier to create a stable and synergizing lineup.
Can you please share any tips on how to become a better Dota 2 player?
mouz qojqva: Keep playing with friends and most importantly: have fun in your games! You will improve sooner or later. Even when you lose a lot just stick together and don't blame each other after a loss. Watching replays and learning your mistakes helps a lot as well!
mouz FATA-: Make sure you keep seeing yourself critically. Don't go around blaming others for your defeat, look mostly at yourself, analyze your mistakes and aim at improving in the next game.
What's your absolute favorite hero?
mouz Black^: Pudge, because he‘s one of the funniest heroes to play and he can really turn games around easily with just one hook or two.
mouz qojqva: Magnus! A 4-or-5 man RP can always turn around a game and can completely change the outcome of a fight! And Magnus is really fun to watch as well.
mouz FATA-: Right now it's probably Visage. I just completely love playing him in pubs because the damage output you have with your ultimate is simply ridiculous. Additionally, if the game goes bad you can still transition to the legendary splitpush birds. :))
In case you make it to the finals: is there any team you would love to face for the title match and why?
mouz Black^: We don't really care who we will meet in the finals if we make it there, because we simply want to win the event. So to achieve that we have to be able to win against all teams, no preference.
To qojqva: How to pronounce your nickname and how on earth can one think of such a name?
mouz qojqva: It's probably pronounced something like "koikva" and about the name's origin: I just typed in 6 random letters! :D