IEM Season 7 SC2 Championship Event at CebIT 2013 - Exclusive interview with mouz MaNa and HasuObs

DATE: 2013-03-04

(3/4/2013, Germany) The Intel Extreme Masters (abbr. “IEM”) Season 7 is heading towards it’s culmination point, with the IEM World Championship Event in Hanover, Germany, happening from March 5th to 9th at CeBIT convention. Two mousesports StarCraft II players have qualified for the tournament and will face off with 22 of the world’s best gamers to determine the IEM World Champion 2012/2013.
Both mousesports SC2 players Grzegorz “MaNa” Komincz (Poland) and Dennis “HasuObs” Schneider (Germany) have gathered enough points throughout the season to compete at the World Championsip in March 2013.
Today, it’s our pleasure to have the chance to get an exclusive interview of the two super star SC2 players from mousesports. They are both well prepared and excited about the upcoming IEM tournammet.  To get more spiceful insights, read on.
Interview with Grzegorz “MaNa” Komincz (Poland)
Q: How does your preparation for IEM World Championship look like?
MaNa: I try to play as many ladder games as possible, but since I had some problems with the game working properly for me and still have some issues, it doesn't look too good for me. I don’t feel as prepared as I should be and since the game beta is coming to an end today, there's nothing else I can do than trying to prepare mentally.
Q: You've had tremendous success in 2012, winning both DreamHack Summer aswell as the Electronic Sports World Cup with Wings of Liberty. Do you think skill levels will adjust accordingly with Heart of the Swarm or will we see some newcomers that can outplay veterans like you?
MaNa: It definitely depends on how much effort you put into Heart of the Swarm. The top players understand the game better than others, so I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be fighting for the top ranks yet again. You know, luckily we never had that one guy who dominated every tournament he entered, so I’m sure we will see some new faces rise in HotS, as they will always do.
Q: With Snute, viOLet and VortiX you will face three strong Zerg opponents in Hanover. Do you feel comfortable in HotS against the Swarm, when they can't wreck havoc with Infestors? How you do see your overall chances in your group?
MaNa: I need to admit that I still don’t play smoothly in HotS yet, due to lack of preparation time, regardless of the matchup. I just don’t feel all too comfortable playing yet. But it’s much more fun to play Protoss vs. Zerg in HotS than it was in WoL for sure, so my chances to beat them are higher in HotS than they would’ve been in WoL. Overall I’m very disappointed with my level of playing as of yet and I hope I can get my mind free of those thoughts before the tournament and just focus on playing on a good level again.
Q: When you've extended your pro contract with mousesports last December you said you always felt happy within the mousesports family and you're looking to become a fearsome force in team leagues once again aswell. How much more variety and quality does the mouz SC2 roster have after picking up Chris "Illusion" lee, one of the best North American Terran players?
MaNa: We’ve had a tough time after both ThorZaIN and MorroW left mousesports to pursue their career elsewhere. It felt we just haven’t been able to handle team leagues as we were used to. After picking up Chris, I am sure we have a much higher chance to compete on a whole better level and his presence give us more options and opportunities, not only in team leagues but also in our practice schedules. But with Heart of the Swarm it’s an all new game for all of us now, so it’s hard to judge if we will be able to dominate team leagues again like we did before, but surely we will do our best to make that happen!
Interview with Dennis “HasuObs “ Schneider (Germany)
Q: How does your preparation for IEM World Championship look like?
HasuObs: I‘m currently in a bootcamp together with other German players (Socke, KnowMe, SaltheWound and Delphi) to be well prepared for the IEM World Championship. We play a lot ladder games and of course custom games aswell. When we’re not playing, we’re analyzing replays together and discussing strategies. Overall it’s extremely helpful and I feel well prepared right now.
Q: You are practicing Heart of the Swarm exclusively the last couple of weeks, due to the IEM World Championship and the following tournaments, however you have been forces to play Wings of Liberty again for the ESL Pro Series. Are you happy to leave WoL for HotS now and which game is the better one in your opinion?
HasuObs: To be honest, I’m actually pretty happy that HotS is released right now. WoL was bit boring in the end, especially PvZ was extremely boring to play in late game. It’s hard to say which game is better, but I believe that HotS offers a lot of new opportunities and it’s very interesting to develop new build orders and strategies.
Q: Mousesports, HasuObs and GeIL have been cooperating since 2005 - in all those years, what have been the greatest memories you want to share in your long-lasting career of WarCraft III and now StarCraft II?
HasuObs: Together with mousesports and GeIL I had some extremely good times at the CebIT. I really enjoyed being at the booth, talking with fans, promoting and playing games. For me as a player, of course winning tournaments were the greatest memories. For example all my EPS Championships, the Berlin Open Victory and of course my Campus Party win last year.
Q: In Hanover you will have to face the two Korean Protoss stars PartinG and YongHwa, along with some of the best European players in the likes of LucifroN and Nerchio. How would you rate your chances in your group? Have you played some games against your groupstage opponents in practice already?
HasuObs: It’s going to be very hard to pass my group, to be fair. Two very strong Korean Protoss players along with 2 top European Zergs and 1 top European Terran. I didn’t play against them in practice games yet, but I’m really looking forward to compete against them at the IEM World Championship. I’ll give my best to pass the groupstage.